About Us

FRAGILE AROMAS Established in 2020, our aromas shop in Abu Dhabi is more than just a store - it's a testament to the power of dreams becoming reality. Initially conceived by a talented 3D artist, the concept was transformed from digital renderings into tangible, beautiful products that illuminate spaces and engage the senses. 

We offer an exclusive array of scents, each one meticulously crafted and unique, a reflection of the artist's visionary approach and dedication to quality. Our aromas serves as pieces of art, designed with passion, created with skill, and filled with mesmerizing fragrances.

Every scent tells a story, every brittle brings a dream to life. As creators, we're committed to infusing each product with a touch of magic and a dash of creative spirit. We value the power of ambiance, understanding that a scent can evoke memories, inspire creativity, and transform a space.

We started this journey with a dream, and today, we invite you to be part of that dream. Experience the world of sensory delights we've created just for you.

Welcome to our aromas shop - where dreams become reality, one scent at a time.